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Dry annd dirty boot toe

Leather is like skin in that it can dry out and crack. Using a conditioner helps keep leather supple and looking and feeling like new

Left - conditioned boot without a shine. Right - boot is conditioned and shined.

Conditioning is great but it leaves a matte finish. Polish your leather boots to bring out a shine.

Not all boots take a shine

Before and After - High Shine

Generally consists of cleaning with saddle soap, multiple layers of polish and brushing, and edge dressing

Combat Boots Before
Black combat boots before shine
Combat Boots After
Black combat boots after shine
Brown Low Rise Before
Old low rise brown boots
Brown Low Rise After
Old low rise brown boots after shine

Before and After - Suede and Nubuck Boots

Suede and Nubuck boots and shoes have a rough texture and take some time and muscle to clean. If the boot just needs general cleaning that can be done with a specific suede brush and eraser. Soap, water, and a scrub brush is needed for heavier cleaning.

Brown Hikers Before
Brown hiking boots
Brown Hikers After
Cleaned brown hiking boots
Blue Duck Shoes Before
Blue duck shoes
Blue Duck Shoes Before
Cleaned blue duck shoes

Chucks - Before and After

It's not ALL about boots. Get your Chucks like new again using soap, water, and a scrub brush

Chucks - Pre and Post Cleaning

Work Boots - Before and After

Maintenance here generally consists of cleaning with saddle soap, and conditioning with Hubert's or Mink Oil. Note that the conditioner can darken some leather.

Work Boots - Pre and Post Cleaning

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