I am...

  • a web dev dabbler
  • a Volunteer firefighter (Engine Ops)
  • a Manager in a web dev shop
  • not defined by my career or any kind of general bucket
  • intent on having a blast in life!
  • in a great (24+ year) relationship!
firefighting activities

What Keeps Me Busy

Home Life

Tracey and Patti at Philadelphia Union Soccer Match 2014

My partner -- well, actually, my wife (wow!) -- and I have been together since the Fall of 1991. We're pretty active and involved; keeping busy with mountain biking, attending Philly Union soccer matches, hanging with family and friends, and pretty much living life to the fullest!

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Tracey on the nozzle. Drill - 2011

I joined the Good Will volunteer fire company in March 2010 and have never participated in an activity in which I was more proud, more challenged, and more driven than firefighting.

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Paying the Bills

Tracey - LinkedIn

I manage a couple of web development teams focused primarily on insurance industry sites. We use the Agile development methodolgy and lots of the usual web dev language suspects such as VB.NET, C#, jQuery, and Bootstrap for RWD.

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Boot Care

I like boots

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